29 January 2006

Haldolium DJ set in Greece

Eternal Motion presents Haldolium DJ Mark Lorenzen in Mylos Club, Thessaloniki, Greece on Saturday February the 13th.
His set is going to be a pre-taster of the forth-coming Haldolium album on Iboga records in June 2006.

In the same party Liquid Soul appear live alongside a DJ set from Nicola Capobianco.

Opening up is Headstick records DJ Damod.


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28 January 2006

Tranceformation festival Brazil 2006

This years Tranceformation festival in Brazil has another yet impressive line-up. The festival is a 9 day affair with the dancefloor pumping the best in psychedelic trance for no less than 7 days in true Brazilian party style.

The cream of the global psytrance crop includes trance moguls Absolum and Digital Talk from France, Dino Psaras, James Monroe and Joti Sidhu from the UK, Saiko Pod from Denmark, Wizzy Noise from Greece, Anti from Spiral Trax, Christof and Brazil's best trance act Wrecked Machines.

See below for complete line-up:

ABSOLUM (3Dvision rec )
ALTON (Neurobiotic rec )
ANDRE ABSOLUT (Monobasic )
ANDROMEDA (Millenium )
AUDIO CACTUS (Trade Sound)
BROKEN TOY (Alchemy rec)
BURN IN NOISE ( Vagalume)
CPU (3Dvision rec )
CHROMOSOME (Turbo Trance )
DAMAGE (Chemichal Crew)
DINO PSARAS (Chemical Crew )
E-JECT (Phonokol )
FIRST STONE (Vagalume )
FITALIC (Sprout )
JOTI SIDHU (Neurobiotic rec )
LIQUID SOUL ( Iboga rec )
MOTION (Soleadmusic/Plastik Park)
OXYD ( Plusquan / Vagalume)
RINKADINK (Alchemy rec )
SAIKO POD (ACDC / Solstice Music)
SEQUIPA ( Alchemy rec )
SHIFT (Timecode/Nexus )
SILICON SOUND (Neurobiotic rec )
SINERGY (3Dvision )
SIRIUS ISNESS (Mind Control)
SKULPTOR ( High End )
SOLEAD (Soleadmusic/ Automatic)
TICON (Digital Structures )
TRIPTYCH (Turbo Trance/Soleadmusic)
VAZIK (Sounds of Earth / Spirit Zone)
WIZZY NOISE (Spun rec)

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Psypneumatix Future Shock

A new compilation is out by Psypneumatix records compiled by DJ Fresh and titled 'Future Shock'.

The CD features some new psytrance talent that you might have not heard before, however seems to be well worth a listen.

There a more than a few dancefloor monsters here.

Sysmix surprise with a powerfull track called Silicon Tears and Nexus Crawler stand out from the crowd with a trance bomb titled Vapour Trail. Barak do a great job with their retrospective Brazilian that only competes with the atmospheric Take all Three from Psyboriginal and the epic trance melody of Bionic Empire Kingdom of Heaven.

Other artists include Liquid, Blue MD and Cyanescens.

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22 January 2006

DJ Xavier's Black Solstice

Talking about monster compilations here is some food for thought.

Solstice presents Solstice Black, a compilation put together by DJ Xavier.

Now Mr Xavier since his early days with Blue Room records - and their legendary parties with Dino Psaras, X-Dream and a string of other early mega trance artists - was never your everyday DJ. Not afraid to mix subliminal breaks and fresh sounds to his sets, was always considered a pioneer, always pushing the boundaries of the psychedelic sound forward.
So its a nice surprise to see that Mr Xavier is doing still to this day, just that.

Pushing the music we love forward.

Featuring some of the most influential artists in the global psychedelic scene, he puts together a truly psychedelic experience rarely to be found in modern trance compilations.

Eat Static open this CD with their complex, break driven and cleverly named Xeno-Phonic.
With Control-F things are getting serious here. A dark techno slap in you face, that doesn't miss all the vital psychedelic elements to make it a sweaty party stormer.
X-Dream take one step further with Insanity and its catchy female vocal mumbling away things, well about insanity!
The Koxbox track somehow stands out as it offers a different flavour.
CJ Bolland bombs the ears with his dark acid Mole Patrol to only be followed by an unusual, but more than welcome trance legend in Thomas P. Heckmann.
For many people who are not familiar with Mr Heckmann his sound does not strictly adhere to the psytrance scene, however he has written some truly psychedelic monsters in his long acid techno career. Prepare to be surprised.
Ex-Emperion Kloq drive the story deeper into acid trance mayhem with Kloq Music 2 and Prime Suspect follow with a deep tribal rhythmic killer.
Surprise again, Synthetic present their most innovative work to date with Evil Thing. They take your mind to some dark places with this slow and chaotic heavy track.

Finally a truly glorious end to this CD comes with an X-Dream rmx to a Juno Reactor track titled Angel and Men. This one is definitely anything closer to the near-religious vibe of the first psytrance parties. Magnificent!

Even if you are not a great fan of experimental psytrance listen to this CD. It is truly psychedelic and will bring your ears closer to higher planes of consciousness.
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Neurobiotic Neo Caine

The name of an anasthetic lends its name to this new compilation by Neurobiotic records.
Don't despair though. There is nothing anasthetic to the music of this CD.

Big names parade with newcomers in a well put together psy trance offering.
From the complex and mysterious psychedelic sounds of Tristan and Prometheus, the full on atmospheric psychedelia of Silicon Sound remixing Pixel and the new psytrance blaster collaboration between Pixel and Wrecked Machines there is something for everyone here.

Jaia also stands out with Electricity, a morning melodic smoothie although Orion fails to impress this time.

This new full on progressive mix-mash will leave you with a good taste in your mouth and somewhat richer in the brain.

Other artists here include Allaby, Zen Mechanics, Polaris, Tikal and Altom.

Definetly one to buy and not to copy... :)
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15 January 2006

Rainbow Serpent 2006

Don't miss one of this year's best trance festivals in the globe. The Rainbow Serpent is a celebration of psytrance in the great Australian outdoors. Even if you are not a great fan of the acts that appear there, the experience is unique and could be only compared to other similar great events like Burning Man.

The Rainbow Serpent Music, Arts and Lifestyle Festival returns to country Victoria over Australia Day weekend, 27th - 30th January 2006. Internationally recognized as one of Australia's most spectacular outdoor events, the festival has become an extravaganza of psytrance music, arts, healing and camping activities.

Special guests include:

  • Son Kite & Minilogue (Live, Sweden)
  • Bamboo Forest (Live, France)
  • Panick (Live, Israel)
  • Frank Beckers (Plastic Park, Germany)
  • Edoardo (Neurobiotic, Italy)
  • Peter Didjital (Digital Structures, Sweden)


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Council unable to stop the noise

Below is a funny story about the attempt to shut down an open air psychedelic trance festival in Bendigo, Australia. For all those of you that were there, well done and hope that the party was rocking. Party on!

Despite the threat of legal action, 1000 people attended a four-day rave near Lake Eppalock on the weekend.

An inability by the City of Greater Bendigo to stop the "open air psychedelic trance festival" has angered local residents with one Mia Mia resident claiming that the council has been "totally ineffective."

Sheedys Lane resident Michael Riddall said the rave went ahead despite organisers not having the necessary permits.

"The noise could be heard four kilometres away, from Friday night through to 6 am Sunday."

However, council chief executive John McLean rejected the criticisms, saying council could not close down the rave and had to act within the confines of the law.

"There is a process to follow. We can only act on a breach of planning scheme.

"It's the way it is, unfortunately."

Mr McLean said City of Greater Bendigo and Victoria Police visited the site on Saturday night and collected a "lot of information."

"If council wants to pursue it at a later date, it can seek court action.

"We'll be providing a report to council that will set out our evidence," Mr McLean said.

Mr Riddall said despite assurances that ticket sales had been stopped, hundreds of people had been charged more than $100 at the gate to attend.

"I spoke to a young man who came away from the festival about 7 am on Sunday.

"He only arrived four hours earlier and was asked for $130 to attend. He was finally allowed to enter for $100.

"I reckon the organisers made a killing.

"Mr McLean said on Friday that the broader public interest had to be taken into account, including excessive noise, but the council have been totally ineffective in backing up their rhetoric.

"Obviously, the threat of legal action had no impact whatsoever, and the festival went ahead as planned," Mr Riddall said.


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The Doof Play Way

2006 comes with another release by Doof records titled Play Way.

This time there is a long list of fresh psychedelic trance artists including Electrypnose, Ultratech, Entropy, Terranoise, Iron Madness, Energy Loop, Tsabeat vs Optical Human, DMT and Static Nation.

Although not a highly innovative new sound the music is full on and dancefloor based and will please those that like their psytrance full, dark and fast.
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09 January 2006

Future sound masters TIP

A little late but couldn't help review this new compilation from T.I.P..

Hujaboy introduces a new kick-ass psy trance sound. Psychedelic Baby is fresh with a powerful dance groove. ManWithNoName returns with two tracks for this new 2006 CD. The first track Dirty Trick does not make an impression. The second stormer though is more of what you would expect from the trance veteran.

Beckers offers a deep and freshly baked Switch, maybe the best track of the comp. Biotonic's brains have definetly been 'Mexicosed'.
Psytrance legend Sandman is back in business with a unique Holy Flip. Nice to see the veteran's new come back to the psychedelic arena. His second track Night Tripper is more full on but less innovative. Will keep you awake during the dark hours though.

Terraformers are putting an end to this TIP compilation with Dragon Dance. Nice but not amazing.
7/10 overall.
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07 January 2006

French psytrance revolution

Mind Control records welcomes 2006 with a psy trance stormer!

The French Connection features some of the greatest psytrance artists from the land of the baguette. Altom, Mael, Silicon Sound, XSI, Shagma, Sirius Isness and Triptych provide some seriously infectious grooves here.

The finest selection though comes from Talamasca with their retro-killer Rosswell Mania and Deedrah's Another French Man in Captown.

Happy 2006 everyone!
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