15 January 2006

Council unable to stop the noise

Below is a funny story about the attempt to shut down an open air psychedelic trance festival in Bendigo, Australia. For all those of you that were there, well done and hope that the party was rocking. Party on!

Despite the threat of legal action, 1000 people attended a four-day rave near Lake Eppalock on the weekend.

An inability by the City of Greater Bendigo to stop the "open air psychedelic trance festival" has angered local residents with one Mia Mia resident claiming that the council has been "totally ineffective."

Sheedys Lane resident Michael Riddall said the rave went ahead despite organisers not having the necessary permits.

"The noise could be heard four kilometres away, from Friday night through to 6 am Sunday."

However, council chief executive John McLean rejected the criticisms, saying council could not close down the rave and had to act within the confines of the law.

"There is a process to follow. We can only act on a breach of planning scheme.

"It's the way it is, unfortunately."

Mr McLean said City of Greater Bendigo and Victoria Police visited the site on Saturday night and collected a "lot of information."

"If council wants to pursue it at a later date, it can seek court action.

"We'll be providing a report to council that will set out our evidence," Mr McLean said.

Mr Riddall said despite assurances that ticket sales had been stopped, hundreds of people had been charged more than $100 at the gate to attend.

"I spoke to a young man who came away from the festival about 7 am on Sunday.

"He only arrived four hours earlier and was asked for $130 to attend. He was finally allowed to enter for $100.

"I reckon the organisers made a killing.

"Mr McLean said on Friday that the broader public interest had to be taken into account, including excessive noise, but the council have been totally ineffective in backing up their rhetoric.

"Obviously, the threat of legal action had no impact whatsoever, and the festival went ahead as planned," Mr Riddall said.


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