27 August 2005

New psytrance radio!

Psychedelic trance pioneers Dino Psaras and DJ Loucas from Blue Room are teaming up with TIP meister Raja Ram to launch a brand new radio show hosted by New Wave Radio on the Ministry of Sound Radio.

The live show is broadcasting on Tuesday 30th of August at 4 pm GMT.

Other shows scheduled for the following months will include Phantasm records, Hommega productions featuring Astrix, DJ Shane Gobi and Alchemy records and possibly BNE and Nano records.

This is a significant move bringing psychedelic trance to the masses, showcasing some of the best talent the scene has to offer.

Tune in, drop out!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those after another PsyTrance Radio show can also check out the twice weekly show PsyKe Out on PulseRadio.net by checking out this link http://www.psykeout.net !

8:21 AM  

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