10 October 2007

Comments policy

Dear all,

Due to increasing amounts of irrelevant comments that promote artists, albums, parties or anything else we are posting a set of guidelines. If you adhere to these terms your comment is going to be on the site for everyone to see. Failure to do so will have your comment deleted.
  1. Please be relevant and on-topic.
  2. If you like your album reviewed please email us.
  3. We do not take part in link exchange. If you like us, link to us. If we like you, we will link to you.
  4. If you are going to post something that is promoting your music, event or anything else be kind enough to write a few lines and we might review it, all for free.
If you repeatedly SPAM this site with the same stuff, be sure that you will be named and shamed here.

This is not a money-grabbing blog. We support our hobby with a few ads but no more.

Many thanks to all of you that post comments, love the music and support us by reading.

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Please do not SPAM. Inappropriate links and self-promotion comments will be deleted. Thank you.

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