29 October 2010

Shut Up, its the new album by Yahel

Israeli producer Yahel is making new waves with his latest album 'Shut Up'. The album introduces a softer style and although friends of harder psychedelic trance might feel let down, Yahel continues to be a very successful recording artist.

Some of the tracks could easily be featured in a Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren set, whilst there are also some reminders of the older style thrown in to the mix.

The moments that stand out include Life is a Test, Shut Up, Electronic Music which is a total eastern ethnoepic track and Other Side in You.The funniest track is Hey DJ with its child-like melodies and immature vocals.
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22 October 2010

Tripswitch chill-out reaches Geometry

Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch has been producing music since the early nineties. His music has evolved as much as his sound and with 'Geometry' the maturity is evident. All the shapes and structures of this album have been carefully selected to produce a geometric sound with an injected warm and relaxing feeling.

Each track has a unique stamp of originality and a mixture of influences from a broad musical spectrum. The old is blended with the new and the sound takes shape inside you the more you listen to this album.
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17 October 2010

Lisbon calling the Digital Dope Coalition

The Portugese Digital Dr*gs Coalition has created 'Lisbon Calling' 2010 psytrance complilation. Dj Juggler and Digitalphase have put together 10 previously unreleased psytrance stormers from an interesting selection of Portuguese producers.

Despite the retro feel, the production is fresh and there is something special about this selection of tracks. With upbeat sounds and energetic baselines, most tracks deliver energy levels and would ensure dancefloor success.
You would expect this to do very well in Brazil.
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