29 October 2010

Shut Up, its the new album by Yahel

Israeli producer Yahel is making new waves with his latest album 'Shut Up'. The album introduces a softer style and although friends of harder psychedelic trance might feel let down, Yahel continues to be a very successful recording artist.

Some of the tracks could easily be featured in a Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren set, whilst there are also some reminders of the older style thrown in to the mix.

The moments that stand out include Life is a Test, Shut Up, Electronic Music which is a total eastern ethnoepic track and Other Side in You.The funniest track is Hey DJ with its child-like melodies and immature vocals.

The production has gotten bigger and deeper with more traditional instrumental sounds and vocals but is this too much of a departure of the genre that made Yahel the mega trance artist he is today?

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