17 October 2010

Lisbon calling the Digital Dope Coalition

The Portugese Digital Dr*gs Coalition has created 'Lisbon Calling' 2010 psytrance complilation. Dj Juggler and Digitalphase have put together 10 previously unreleased psytrance stormers from an interesting selection of Portuguese producers.

Despite the retro feel, the production is fresh and there is something special about this selection of tracks. With upbeat sounds and energetic baselines, most tracks deliver energy levels and would ensure dancefloor success.
You would expect this to do very well in Brazil.

The best track goes to Tech Twist with 'Hypnotic' with 'Summer Girl' from Digital Phase following close second. Atary deliver a great 'Desire to Fire' and Smiley Pixie ending this with an appropriately atmospheric 'The Walk'.

Strangely enough the weakest moment comes from the well known Suria, whilst other artists include Xenzodiac, Counteractive, Digital E-motion, D-Maniac and Psilocybe Project.

Let us know what you think.
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