22 October 2010

Tripswitch chill-out reaches Geometry

Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch has been producing music since the early nineties. His music has evolved as much as his sound and with 'Geometry' the maturity is evident. All the shapes and structures of this album have been carefully selected to produce a geometric sound with an injected warm and relaxing feeling.

Each track has a unique stamp of originality and a mixture of influences from a broad musical spectrum. The old is blended with the new and the sound takes shape inside you the more you listen to this album.

Whilst all the tracks are worth more than a listen, Goldbach's Conjecture stands out with it's upbeat pace and splendid bottom end. A classic in the genre. Harmonic Mean is another personal favourite, without a doubt the cheekiest electro-fused track here. Completing the top 5 would have to be Floating Point, Strange Parallels, and Stereogram

By far one of the most interesting releases in the world of chill out music for 2010 and the best effort by UK-based Tripswitch to date.
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