27 September 2009

Intelligent Monkey says Chandra Natya

Another psytrance gem by brand new Italy based Intelligent Monkey Records label of DJ PsySari, from Turkey titled Chandra Natya or 'Moon Dance'. There is a selection of tracks heavily influenced by the Russian trance scene. Most productions are acceptable, somehow missing some of the shine of the larger studios.

The psychedelic element is strong across the compilation and the Nord lead sounds prevail. Expect turbo trance charged baselines, blipy leads and the classic atmospheric sounds of night-time psychedelic trance.

Tracks that stand out are 'Chandra Natya' by Intelligent Monkey, a very strange 'Cowboy Sunset' by Krussedull and 'Shaman' by Dark Ozz.

Darkshire, Fracktal Error, Hagnetih and Tromo are also included.
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23 September 2009

Digitalfrequenz Records debut Druckfrequenz

Back into more familiar psychedelic trance waters with the debut compilation album from Germany based Digitalfrequenz Records named Druckfrequenz. Dj 'Der 5.Gedanke' is showcasing new local talent and the vibe is running baseline psychedelia with a distinct melodic style.

Some very solid music here with melodies and pads that will bring you to the trance state on the dancefloor. No major innovations but the music does the job.

Tracks that stand out include Direct Impact from Fractal Frequenz, the melodic Planet Earth from 2012 Connection and Sun Implant from Reactor.
Other psytrance music artists featured in this compilation include Slackjoint, Haridasa, Bounder, Damender, Electric Shimana, Sab, Neuroimpact and Lyric.

Promising stuff from Germany or it could be better?
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13 September 2009

Legend of the Black Shawarma - New Infected Mushroom album

Infected Mushroom are back with a studio album titled 'Legend Of The Black Shawarma'. This is a collection of vocal-rich tracks with a new (or old) added element of heavy guitar riffs and a 'rock' sound at times.

The record kicks off in typical Infected style with Poquito Mas, a spaced out introduction with a strong middle eastern flavor and some old style 303 blips. It evolves into a break beat with the experimentation you would expect from the Mushrooms.
The second track Sa'eed brings us into familiar waters, a strong beat with the classic Infected Mushroom robot voice sounds and singing that have broaden their appeal to dance music fans worldwide.

Right after we find them at the End of the Road, another experimental straight beat with many influences from electro music, still keeping things interesting on the dancefloor.
Smashing the Opponent features Jonathan Davis and it is one the most vocal-heavy tracks from Infected to date. The melodies take you closer to trance styles from Germany and here we have a departure from psytrance elements.

The guitar Can't Stop next. Vocals again throughout the track and a heavy guitar riff that reminds of Tim Schuldt and other guitar trance outfits.
Herbert the Pervert is also a guitar affair and this will have the psytrance heads jumping on the dancefloor. Very strong stuff with outbursts of clean guitar riffs that add to the atmosphere of the track. Perhaps the most psytrance song of this album.
A surprise follows with a collaboration with Perry Farrell, of Jane's Addiction fame, named  

Killing Time. This track laid by vocals has a stronger rock feel to it. Not the usual stuff from Infected here.
Project 100 is another experimental downbeat track. The heavy guitar blends in with melodies and the break beat to make for an interesting lounge listen.
Things take a psychedelic turn with Franks, an inspired track that surprises all the way. Some clever melodies and combination of sounds.

Slowly is a slower track with a memorable beat. Good pace for the morning and a great production. Bordering with house and electro, this track is innovative and fresh.

Album title track Legend of the Black Shawarma is a strange mix-mash of heavy guitars and haunting sounds that builds up and crosses through weird sonic paths.

The last track is another major surprise from Infected Mushroom. It is a remix of the well known Doors song, Riders on the storm. This closing tune plays with samples of the original with Jim Morisson's voice dominating and some experimental psychedelia on top.

Overall this is another Infected Mushroom album that twists and turns through many sonic landscapes with heavy experimentation. Some very interesting music and fresh ideas from the Israeli duo.
If you liked their previous album, Legend of the Black Shawarma will keep you happy.

Good music but is this psychedelic enough and psytrance proper?


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12 September 2009

Tantrance compilation is back with Vol 13

The Tantrance compilations gained some momentum from the early days of the first release in 1995 until the 12th release in 2004. Five long years later the Leguan label compilation is back on the shelves. 18 tracks spread across 2 CDs Vol 13 showcases talent from various artists including top trancers Atmos, S.U.N. Project, Polaris, Talamasca, Tikal and Perplex.
The sound warms up with some progressive trance tracks initially and then moves to harder musicscapes.
Some of the best tracks include Special Dedication from Perplex vs. Onyx, the anthemic Black Space from Tikal and a melodic but strong Afterglow from Polaris. Talamasca bring back memories with the retro Tribalagan, SUN Project are climaxing with one of their latest favourites 'Let it Burn', which by no way refers to a guitar, the dominant element in most of their tracks still, after all these years.
Atmos contribute with a chilled out morning track in the cheeky 'Stay Awake' and in typical immaculate Atmos production style.
Many tracks for different tastes from Tantrance, leaning on the progressive side of psytrance in Vol 13.
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05 September 2009

Tzolkin with a psy vengeance

For the fans of full on psychedelic trance, the Mexico based Tzolkin Productions is bringing a violent turbo-charged compilation self-titled "Tzolkin" and compiled by label DJ San Isidro and Glin.K.

Very hard and twisted music throughout this compilation with emphasis on fast baselines, hard kicks and frantic sounding lead sounds and samples.

Some favourites are Orca with Lucky One, Frozen Ghost with Frame of Mind and Kode Six with Tonights Entertainment.

What do you think about psytrance from Yucatan, Mexico?
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