18 September 2006

Fractal Brain Chemistry

Fractal records Brain ChemistrySwiss Fractal records have put together Brain Chemistry, a compilation of psychedelic sounds and uplifting beats.

Sidhartha kick off in good mood with Brain Chemistry. Clear production and some infectious effects with a solid beat.
N3XU5 continue with the more downbeat morning trancer Confidential. Happy sounds and crisp samples.
Phonic Request vs Shagma have a different idea with The Magic Ring. A very psychedelic, melodic and eventfull track that builds up nicely and keeps the rhythm turbo. Perhaps the best track here.

Known outfit Elec3 contribute Uno Mass, an electric driven psytrance tune.
Don't know what Painkiller had in Mind but this one is a retro take on some psychedelia that resembles 1995 trance music.
Killer Buds vs Energetic have Unreal Dreams in a journey to mysterious sonic planes. Interesting track.
Sidhartha is back with night time High Pnossis.
Neuromotor vs Electrocult keep the night vibe with style. Some very cool deep sounds and bouny baselines drive this one.
Kali has a good Concept for ending this compilation in good form with a psy groove that keeps bouncing.

Looking forward to more.

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