28 September 2005

Psychedelic High

Chemical Crew are finally about to release their ground breaking psytrance compilation titled 'Psychedelic High'.

Star X introduces with 'Come with me' and the Israeli psytrance legend Skazi continues with 'Masturbation'. As you probably have figured out by now, this is no usual psytrance art piece.
Void rips with 'Maniac Psycho' and then follow 40%, Rocky and Four Carry Nuts remixed by trance pioneer and Blue Room flagship DJ Dino Psaras who is back for good.
To make things even more exciting GMS remix 'Revolution' by Skazi in what is to become another psytrance classic.
From out of the blue Ticon appear with a tense 'Analogue H' and the CD finishes with another oxymoron. This time Dino Psaras is remixing progressive trance leaders Son Kite.

If this is not a compilation to watch out for then I don't know what is.
A must have!
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27 September 2005

PsyTrance Solutions

South African Timecode records unveils their compilation 'Sonic Solutions' compiled by French mega-trancers Digital Talk.
It features some powerful tracks from Damage, Xtra Unit, Chromatone and Random, Phatmatix, Shift, Phyx, Azax Syndrom, Artifakt and of course Digital Talk.

Combining lots of fresh talent with established artists this new compilation is meant to be a hit.
Don't miss it!

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25 September 2005

Psychedelic books

Surfing the web I came upon this great resource page filled with books written by various intellectuals and researchers on psychedelic substances, shamanism, philosophy and psychedelia. Amongst others, Carlos Castaneda, Rick Strassman and Timothy Leary get a special mention.
Worth having a look at.

Psychedelic books

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24 September 2005

Temple Twister Leathal Dose

If you like your psytrance dark, manic and a little old school you should try the latest offering from Temple Twister titled 'Lethal Dose'.
Paranoize, Kerosene Club, Kindzadza, Wizard Lizard and Dark Nebula, amongst others, offer a highly charged and edgy complilation full of fast and furious tracks.
Not for everyone's taste but will please the fans of this genre.
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22 September 2005

Psytrance Love Parade?

The jubilant mob thronging last year's inaugural route proved a few things straight up. Despite its recent expulsion from our dance floors by the mighty hand of the '80s, there's still a vital electronic dance music scene snaking its way through Bay Area iPods and house parties. There's also a whole generation of neglected ex-ravers ripening for some smart promoter's plucking, eager to relive the frantic nights they can't remember and the days that form-fitting fashions forgot. But mostly there was, yes, the love. Who knows where it had been incubating all those years (psy-trance gatherings?), but a familiar sense of warm, gooey unselfconsciousness eased its way through the crowd. No, I don't mean ecstasy. Nor GHB. No stars, no trends, no wardrobe issues – dude, it was just, like, a great party.

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19 September 2005

Full On Spiritual Rhythms

Planet B.E.N. records presents the second installment of Spiritual Rhythms of Psytrance.
The compilation simply rocks from the very start with the melodic 'Faded Memories' from Electro Sun. It climaxes towards the middle with my favorite 'Cut Off' from DJ Mael aka Nomad and the dark, heavy and twisted 'Dr. LSD' rmx from A.X.L.
Phanatic hits hard with 'Lost Paradise' and Overlap close this comp with the relentless 'The Truth is out'.

Nothing new here, just plain good old full on psychedelic trance.
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18 September 2005

Mountain High 2 by Candyflip

We don't usually review chill-out albums here but Mountain High 2 is an exception.
Following the success of their first chill out compilation
Candyflip records put together a second milestone for what is today ambient psytrance music.

Contributors include
Max Maxwell, Cell, Kick Bong, Lideres Band, Aes Dana and Solar Fields amongst others.

Check the Candyflip website for more info about this upcoming compilation from
Alex Candy.
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15 September 2005

Dirty South from Acidance

Acidance are back with a storm of a compilation. "Dirty South" takes you through some dark and twisted paths in this full on psychedelic journey. From the very beginning Claw vs Paranoize start off with the fresh 'A message from the Ghetto' and the compilation never stops impressing until the closing track 'Dinaks production' from Iron Madness vs S.D6.
In between Blisargon Demogorgon deliver a strong 'Others are awaken', Xenomorph hits you with his retrospective 'Inextricable distraughtness', Mubali rave on with 'Gromit', Damage trip out with 'Predator' and Toxic with 'Arise'.
The only track that does not stand out is 'Chemical abuse' from Azax Syndrom, whose tracks all sound pretty much the same these days. Before you are putt off though Abomination hit back with my favourite 'Dynomite'.

This is full on psytrance at it's darkest, as someone would have
expected from Acidance.

Dont miss this!

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11 September 2005

ZOOM 2005 CD

Happy people music have released a CD with a collection of tracks from artists appearing at the famous festival in Switzerland. The compilation is called ZOOM 2005 and features a mix of artists from progressive to full on.
Contributors include Freq, Auricular, Triptych, Silver Surfers, Intersys, Hypersonic, Space Cat, Thujon, Yahel and a very interesting hard trance collaboration between Wrecked Machines, GMS and Pixel. Worth listening to.
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Psytrance Cosmogenesis

Cosmogenesis records is about to release the 100 Full Moons complilation. Although a good effort overall, the production fails to impress.
Main contributors include Sinkronik, Psycotacine, Psyentist, Kaned & Unable, Psyshaker M, Andro and Genetek.
My favourite is M-Theory by Psyshaker M with its strong nostalgic element and ecstasy filled riffs.

If you like trippy 1996 style Goa trance without the fluff, you are going to love this one.
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Dark Soho in Mexico City

Alchemy records presents metal trancers Dark Soho in Mexico City on the 1st of October 2005. Alongside Dark Soho you get Rinkadink and Broken Toy from South Africa, and Freakulizer from Switzerland. Shane Gobi heads the DJ line up.


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09 September 2005

Burning Man 2005

A journey to the heart of the Nevada desert for a celebration of life, art, madness and dehydration through the dualistic synthesis of creation and destruction.

Read the full story here
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08 September 2005

Back to the underground

This week Sanskara records comes to haunt us with the extraterestial and highly tripped off Adapted Vision compilation. This compilation is bizzare extrordinar from start to finish. Progressive sounds, aussie flavour drum n' chaos, full on psychedelic trance and things that fit nowhere and in between. Truly different!
adapted vision
1. ELECTRIC SPINACH - Front left (Corona rmx)
2. CORONA - Higher Messiah
3. TUNDRA - Hi-Fi
4. INTERLUDE 1 - Interlude 1
5. HYDRAGLYPH - Vector
6. THE MISTED MUPPET - The missing sun
7. HYDRAGLYPH - Wider eyed fly
8. RETRO TECH - Visual analogue
9. INTERLUDE 2 - Interlude 2
10. LINK Inside out
11. OUTRO - Outro
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05 September 2005

From Russia with Psy Love

Astrix live near Moscow in August 2005.
If you live nearby :) don't miss the mighty Talamasca live on the 10th of September

More pics from the party here

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04 September 2005

1200 Mics live in Brazil

Can't get enough of 1200 Mics?

Check out this new live CD from their 3-week recent 2005 tour in Brazil. It features all the classics capturing the crowd's excitement during their live appearances.
Soon in record shops
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03 September 2005

Raja Ram the Godfather

This is about Raja Ram enlightening the children of psychedelic trance.

Owner of T.I.P. records Raja Ram came up with a unique concept for this project, adding many new samples and keeping the mixes short.
The CD which is mixed by DJ Lucas but inspired by Raj, includes no less than the cream of the Israeli psytrance scene:
Brad sucks, Psycho, Gataka, Xerox, Astrix, X-Noize, Sesto Sento, E-jekt, Melicia, DNA, Hypersonic, Alien Project, Dali, Astral Projection and Mindelight.

Its coming out very soon, so you might want to keep an ear on this one!
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01 September 2005

GMS new album out soon!

The long awaited new album of the Growling Mad Scientists (G.M.S.) titled "Emergency Broadcast System" is soon to come out on their mother label Spun Records this summer.
The album is going through a final master and prepared for global release by Spun Records.

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New Analog Pussy pics

Analog Pussy have updated their website pic section.

Click here to check out all the new pics from Analog Pussy on their official website analog-pussy.com.
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