28 September 2005

Psychedelic High

Chemical Crew are finally about to release their ground breaking psytrance compilation titled 'Psychedelic High'.

Star X introduces with 'Come with me' and the Israeli psytrance legend Skazi continues with 'Masturbation'. As you probably have figured out by now, this is no usual psytrance art piece.
Void rips with 'Maniac Psycho' and then follow 40%, Rocky and Four Carry Nuts remixed by trance pioneer and Blue Room flagship DJ Dino Psaras who is back for good.
To make things even more exciting GMS remix 'Revolution' by Skazi in what is to become another psytrance classic.
From out of the blue Ticon appear with a tense 'Analogue H' and the CD finishes with another oxymoron. This time Dino Psaras is remixing progressive trance leaders Son Kite.

If this is not a compilation to watch out for then I don't know what is.
A must have!
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Blogger Don said...

high with direction, sound interesting? perhaps no dogma, no religion. trancesendance to a place that reaches beyond the futile and towards world self realization. can there be a direction for the new genre?,epoch?

10:12 AM  

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