08 September 2005

Back to the underground

This week Sanskara records comes to haunt us with the extraterestial and highly tripped off Adapted Vision compilation. This compilation is bizzare extrordinar from start to finish. Progressive sounds, aussie flavour drum n' chaos, full on psychedelic trance and things that fit nowhere and in between. Truly different!
adapted vision
1. ELECTRIC SPINACH - Front left (Corona rmx)
2. CORONA - Higher Messiah
3. TUNDRA - Hi-Fi
4. INTERLUDE 1 - Interlude 1
5. HYDRAGLYPH - Vector
6. THE MISTED MUPPET - The missing sun
7. HYDRAGLYPH - Wider eyed fly
8. RETRO TECH - Visual analogue
9. INTERLUDE 2 - Interlude 2
10. LINK Inside out
11. OUTRO - Outro
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