15 September 2005

Dirty South from Acidance

Acidance are back with a storm of a compilation. "Dirty South" takes you through some dark and twisted paths in this full on psychedelic journey. From the very beginning Claw vs Paranoize start off with the fresh 'A message from the Ghetto' and the compilation never stops impressing until the closing track 'Dinaks production' from Iron Madness vs S.D6.
In between Blisargon Demogorgon deliver a strong 'Others are awaken', Xenomorph hits you with his retrospective 'Inextricable distraughtness', Mubali rave on with 'Gromit', Damage trip out with 'Predator' and Toxic with 'Arise'.
The only track that does not stand out is 'Chemical abuse' from Azax Syndrom, whose tracks all sound pretty much the same these days. Before you are putt off though Abomination hit back with my favourite 'Dynomite'.

This is full on psytrance at it's darkest, as someone would have
expected from Acidance.

Dont miss this!

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