24 July 2007

Eat Static De-Classified

Declassified - Eat Static 2007Whether you are a fan of Eat Static or not, you need to sample their sound to judge any of their albums. Their production and creative energy has heavily influenced psytrance, trance and electronic dance music in general.
De-Classified is no exception to this rule and the artists show their creative flare from the beginning.

The CD kicks off with Invasion, a retro style ambient track with all those spacy sounds that remind of chill-out trance in the 90s.

Sucker Unit signals the first introduction to a fuller sound with a unique structure and bleeps that bounce between 90s psytrance and today's minimal trance and house music.
Trantaloid keeps the rhythm in similar tones with a complex set of sounds that bring to mind older Koxbox tracks. A lot of sampling here including clever quotes as well as a subliminal conversation in the background.

Deadly Amphibian brings another twist with a muddy bass sound and a distorted noise drum element. Everything is mildly distorted and the sound is big and dominant without a strong kick.
Sin-Quest is more conventional in that it follows a pattern, stronger kicks, heavier sounds and percussion. The album is really taking off at this stage. This is a morning monster for any psytrance floor.

Tractor Beam is a very different affair. The jungle sounds and breakbeat base contains a fusion of lounge sounds great on a winter afternoon.
Pachama follows in similar steps and closer to what Ninja Tunes is outputting. A strange blend of eclectic sounds laid on top of a funky but twisted beat.

Visitors goes back to one of Eat Static's favourite subjects: alien activity. The music here reflects that mood and enters psytrance space once again. Strong beats with a driven sample set and more random bleeps.
Brassneck is similar in texture and drives the comp forward. Heavy use of 303s gives the track a retro look. Favourite melody unfolds here.

De-Classified is a free-form track with singing voices heavily sampled and a unique lounge feel. Nice touch for an ending.

Do Eat Static earn a top spot in the psytrance world?


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Blogger EdShift said...

So So Good to hear a truly original Eat Static album again. This album takes me right back to 1995. Absolute gem of an album - Proper Vintage Eat Static.

As for the last question. Was there ever any doubt? - before anyone was calling it psy-trance there was Eat Static tearing it up live. (c.1991)

Absolutely Phenomenal Live Too.

Stop reading now.
Go buy the album.


It would be such a buzz to see this in the album charts - I would love to see this getting played on primetime radio 1 - That would melt some heads.....

9:06 PM  
Blogger Grateful Web said...

XPosted on Grateful Web. Thank you for this 'grate' review.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

These guys are sooo much fun live. Looking forward to having them tear my lid off once again this coming Australia Day weekend. Rock'n'fkn'roll!

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There could never have been any doubt: it was eat static who INVENTED psy-trance before anyone else had thought of making it - you could just as well ask "was jimi hendrix any good at guitar?"

and as for random bleeps and retro sounding... have you ever heard a piece of techno in waltz time before ? (Visitors)

I didn't think anything new could be brought from this genre but they proved me wrong 100%

Absolutely excellent - none finer !

7:32 AM  
Anonymous hemmetti said...

So good coma music! I need some state of trance as "state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep" at the work. This brings me far away from my "state of work"!
But Liquid Soul's Synthetic Vibes is still the best album getting out of this world.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theese lads are the best in the field,shame to see Joie leave but Merv stil carrying the torch-never stop the live stuff,truly magic!

12:08 PM  

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