14 May 2007

Psy City Spinners on the Times

We were very surprised when we found the following report on the business section of the Times online:

"TWO DJs performed at the tenth birthday party of Twisted Records, which specialises in “psytrance”, according to its wildly hallucinatory website, an entirely new genre to me. They appeared at a trendy Southwark club the other day as the Baring Brothers.

Most of the 2,500-strong audience were probably too young to be aware that this was the (almost) literal truth. Simon (”Si”) is son of Francis Baring, who worked at the family bank. Tom is son of Oliver Baring, ex-SG Warburg, which makes them cousins, actually. Si works for Twisted, which is owned by Simon Posford, son of Stephen Posford, who was himself once managing director of Salomon Brothers. Tom works for the Fleming Family Partnership."

Times Online article
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Anonymous doofbaba said...

Stephen Posford (Hallucinogen's dad) was indeed CEO of Salomon Brothers until his retirement in 1996. He is now a venture capitalist who does a lot of investment in companies working in mining and oil exploration - not very shanti. One of his recent activities concerns the construction of a 300,000 barrel-a-day oil refinery in Placentia Bay. (see http://www.lmiworks.nl.ca/news/resources/2007Apr18_-_The_Independent_-_Beating_the_clock.pdf )

For more trivia on the Posford line, Stephen's father was George Posford, a composer who scored several pre-war films and who did work on and off the stage. See http://www.musical-theatre.net/html/composers/georgeposford.html

An interesting background, for sure...!

6:50 AM  

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