11 March 2007

Yoyo releases Cyberdog 4 Psy-Fi Systems

Yoyo records Cyberdog 4Yoyo Records releases another monumental compilation in the fourth run of the series Cyberdog. Psy-Fi Systems is mixed by Oforia and offers plenty of new hits from the top psy trance stables of the world's psychedelic scene.

The compilation kicks off with lots of energy with Homeless Fatali. But the vinyl goes on fire with anthemic and very vocal Inner Bright from Timelock. This is one to remember.

Infected Mushroom don't dissapoint with their remix of Merlin but next Basic take the sound to a higher dimension with the turbo ignited Virtual Space. The Freak Show make a 360 degree return to the classic sound of the 303, frankly not very interesting. Luckily the vibe recovers from the classic Return of the Machines, a collaboration between Oforia and BWicked.

Atomic Pulse vs Syrus the Virus are doing a good job with lifting the tempo with their Unreal track. There is a strong dose of retro trance here but dressed well in powerful melodies - Chakra and Edi Mis style. You can Feel the Vibration by Future Prophecy, that continue in similar style. Echotek are here too and they have a new aggressive dancefloor winner titled Strike Twice. Last but not least the maestros themselves are contributing The Prophecy. The talk is about Astral Projection that finish this compilation with an edge.

Overall this is quality melodic psy trance with very few weak moments.
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this is cool stuff, thanks

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