26 November 2010

Warp Brain chill out with sound drops

Warp Brain Records has produced its first chill-out compilation and have to say that 'Sound Drops' is not a bad start. Ten different tracks offer a mellow perspective to atmospheric chill-out music with some surprises thrown in.

Sputer win the experimentation competition with the memorable retro-electro 'Long Way Home' whilst they are more conventional later on with the great sounding 'Sleep Paralysis'. Aedem also stand out here with their complex 'Convolution' which does what it says on the tin with some strange influences and fast break beats.

Other artists include Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Monoque, Seamoon, Senzar, Vonoom and Bob T. Let us know what other chill out music is on your play-list this month.
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19 November 2010

Fineplay go Rock Style

Rock Style, the latest 2010 comp from Fineplay compiled by Yuya and Reiper, features a list of well known artists. Kicks off early with a massive mix from GMS on Dynamic and Eskimo only to be followed by a Spade rmx to Antix. Psycraft vs Dali remind us why this is a rock style trance record and Krunch are just short of full on psytrance with 'Full Off'.

Switch remix Xerox & Illumination with best produced track and System Nipel rmx X-Noize with a big sounding 'Revolver'. Freedom Fighters and Faders have a more minimal track next to be overshadowed from the more decisive 'Freedom' by Gataplex featuring a 303 bubble and Michele Adamson.

The last track comes from the iconic 90's psytrance DJ Dino Psaras with his interpretation of 'Balloon' from the Growling Machines, the collaboration between GMS and Wrecked Machines.

Plenty to dance about.
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13 November 2010

The Mental Concept of DNA

Ananda Shake compiles a heartfelt collection of new tracks from a mix of new and more established psytrance artists in the latest release by DNA records. Mental Concept is a fresh take on psychedelic trance facing 2011.

Feeling the positive upbeat attitude flowing throughout and the production is worthy of a dark dancefloor or a dusty field. The reference to early 90's trance is there for all to see. Somehow also something new is delivered alongside the strong influences of the past. The morning electro vibe is infused with strong lead melodies with a happy and dreamy at the same time sensation for those finishing moments in the late dawn.
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10 November 2010

Massive Oxygen Trance Mexico

Massive Trance presents the Oxygen psytrance tour in Mexico during December 2010. The headline acts are all hailing from Israel and more than one familiar name amongst Alien Project, Space Cat, Save the Robot and Quadra.

Many areas will be covered in Mexico, that has a fantastically strong party scene,  including Edomex, Guadalajara and Teotihuacan.

Don't forget to send us your comments from Mexico.
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