26 November 2010

Warp Brain chill out with sound drops

Warp Brain Records has produced its first chill-out compilation and have to say that 'Sound Drops' is not a bad start. Ten different tracks offer a mellow perspective to atmospheric chill-out music with some surprises thrown in.

Sputer win the experimentation competition with the memorable retro-electro 'Long Way Home' whilst they are more conventional later on with the great sounding 'Sleep Paralysis'. Aedem also stand out here with their complex 'Convolution' which does what it says on the tin with some strange influences and fast break beats.

Other artists include Lauge, Baba Gnohm, Monoque, Seamoon, Senzar, Vonoom and Bob T. Let us know what other chill out music is on your play-list this month.
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