13 November 2010

The Mental Concept of DNA

Ananda Shake compiles a heartfelt collection of new tracks from a mix of new and more established psytrance artists in the latest release by DNA records. Mental Concept is a fresh take on psychedelic trance facing 2011.

Feeling the positive upbeat attitude flowing throughout and the production is worthy of a dark dancefloor or a dusty field. The reference to early 90's trance is there for all to see. Somehow also something new is delivered alongside the strong influences of the past. The morning electro vibe is infused with strong lead melodies with a happy and dreamy at the same time sensation for those finishing moments in the late dawn.

Not a single track fails here. All the artists stand out in their own way, Bizzare Contact (This is Science), Sundose, DNA (Avatar), Ananda Shake (Total Overdoses), Gataka, Underbeat and Apocalypse, Injection (Save the Planet), Phanatic, Faders and Freedom Fighters, Ziki and Spade honour this compilation with a fine breed of positive yet nostalgic morning psy trance. Could easily see someone like Tiesto or Armin Van Buuren taking hold of some of these tracks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oke buen aporte amigo muy buen cd

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