19 September 2006

Yellow Sunshine Explosion Goa

The Yellow Sunshine Explosion compilations have come a long way since the first releases of the Goa series.
DJ Bim and Yellow Sunshine Explosion today present Goa 2006 Vol4, another 'best of ' for modern trance.

Things get warmed up with Raggadum Style, a rasta ragga track by Aerospace.
DJ Martin kicks into four on four with persistent Lauschgift.
Yotopia throw in Blue Moon, another mild progressive build up.
The sound heads more psychedelic with tasty minimal trance by Der Eins Plus with Pantastic.
More progressive tracks here by Behind Blue Eyes and Lish.

The compilation really explodes though with Deedrah and their new wave stormer Take It Or Leave It.
Galactica vs Alexander Logows continue with the fierce and fast paced psytrance thriller Escape From Heaven.
Cosmic Tone send you away with the retro trance anthem I Volume and next Optokoppler dresses dark for Back Space.
A lot of good tracks from artists such as Gataka, Spectrum, Ziki, Crystal Sound, Illumination and Phanatic follow but the Pendulum rmx from Four Carry Nuts and The Bombe from Electric Universe stand out.

So Yellow Sunshine Explosion does it again.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice set of Artist - i like Optokoppler - a german act.

kind regards

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12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks fore this one !

9:49 AM  

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