27 April 2006

Dry Techno Trance Martini

If you are an old fan of X-Dream and Spirallianz then you might want to look out for the Rewired compilation by Jester records. This is not everyone's cup of tea but we see techno-trance as a branch of the wider psychedelic trance sound. Listening to this comp will confirm this.

Canadian DJ Clown brings together a blend of techno-trance flavours from old favourites Three Point Turn, well known Authentic and the legendary Spirallianz. Other talents include DJ Preach, Nuclear Ramjet, Kali Frogz, Triac, Tao, Metalogic, Hidra, Toltech and Axiomata.

Best tracks are the dark melodic anthems Les 3 Machines from Authentic and BP Talk from Spirallianz.
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18 April 2006

Hadra Trance Festival in 2006

Hadra is throwing another tasty psytrance party in the French Alps this year.
It will run for three days between the 30th of June to the 2nd of July 2006. Some of the most interesting live acts will be Even 11, which consist of veteran trancers Jaia teaming up with promissing psytrancers Silicon Sound. Also don't miss Ari Linker from Alien Project, he will have some major full on tunage up his sleeves.

EVEN 11 (JAIA & SILICON SOUND) - Exposure Productions - France
BARAK - Hadra Rds – Mexico
BLISS - Phantasm Rds – Israel

DYNAMIC - Phonokol Rds – Israel
ELECTRO SUN - ComPact Rds – Israel
E.V.P - Wildthings Rds – UK
HYPER FREQUENCIES - Acidance / Mechanik Rds – Lyon
JAIA - Digital Structures Rds – Grenoble
SHOTU - Hadra Rds – Grenoble
SYNTAX ERROR (GOW) - Parvati / Hadra Rds – Denmark

DJs :
(Alien Project / Save The Robot) - TIP Rds - Israel
AWIP - Maitake Prod – Italy
JOHANNES (SILICON SOUND) - Neurobiotic Rds – Paris
CHIMIX - Psynapse – Toulouse
DRISS - Hadra – Grenoble
ELYXIR - Hadra – Grenoble
FOG - Peak rds / Looney Moon – Italy
GUI - Hadra / Nexus Media – Brasil
HIGHKO - Noise Poison Rds – Germany
KOKMOK - Transubtil – Marseille
LEPTIT - Hadra – Grenoble
MOON - Rythme of Peace - Maroco
MOONQUAKE - Hadra – London
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17 April 2006

Fat Fabula Ladies Bingo

A real treat in April. The new Loopus in Fabula album is out and about. The Italian duo's sound has come a long way since 1998. If you ever had the luck to meet Matteo Stroppa you would have noticed a positive artist dedicated to the scene as much as to his music. Eager to generate and explore new sounds in what we call psytrance. Himself and Loopus co-founder Jacopo Barbaccia bring a fresh approach to trance life in this album.
So, in true funkedelic spirit Loopus attacks with Fat Ladies Bingo, an odyssey into the funky, quircky and upbeat psychedelic paradox.

The CD kicks off patiently with funky-soft Doofy Duck. The methodical rhythmic Controversy continues with a stronger kick and more hypnotic tech-trance funkodelia.
LIB enter a new domain with the slightly darker Dreamschwartz. Next YSD has that familiar Fabula flavor closer to the experimental Aussie sound.
Fat Old Ladies takes a more twisted but funny approach clearly showing that Loopus in Fabula still want to have fun without taking things too seriously.
Funky Express is possibly the equivalent of a psytrance chick flick. Just look around you on the dancefloor with this one.
Feel again, another gem from the Fabula stables, a funky fresh sound with an electro-twist. Just what the doctor ordered.
Rockit is another experimental affair with some juicy ambient breaks and sounds. It implodes instead of exploding.
Loopus go out with a Funk here with the wah wah guitar driven Let's Dance.

The best sound from Loopus, one of the most original bands in the scene, to date.

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11 April 2006

1200 Mics new album preview

1200 Micrograms have released a sneak preview of their forthcoming album Evolution of Expanded Consciousness.

All those that have been lucky to listen to the full epic album claim that its their best to date.

The A side of this 12" vinyl shocks with a guitar heavy full on and tripped out Drugs, Music and Magic. Brings back memories of the good old days of psytrance pioneer and heavy sound maestro Mike McGuire.
The flip side keeps the pace to the maximum with the Computers rmx by Hujaboy who take a departure from the deep and atmospheric sound of the recently releasedParty Animals. This is a fast and furious track with a solid base and pumping beats.

Perhaps not the newest of styles here but yet another powerful record from 1200 Mics and the T.I.P. stables.

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10 April 2006

Natural Healing Medium

Not often you come across a trance compilation so solid, structured and sounding superb. Medium records serves us the flawless Natural Healing Svadhisthana.

From the opening psytrance stormer Restoring Normality from Aerospace vs Sunseek to the tripped out closing Redeemer by Mad Contrabender this compilation heaves with passion, energy and fat psytrance beats and sounds.

Outstanding Etic produce a true classic with the hypnotic On Process. Casui sing loud and clear about the End Of Time with smooth but strong percussion with a fat bassline and some quirky trance fx. The best track of the compilation.
Crystal Sound Impact Side with a full speed track and Elec3 vs Psynina spread the psytrance magic with Stardust. Fresh ideas and fresh sounds.
Mad Contrabender contributes another track asking you to Open Your Mind whilst EMC2 deliver the powerful psy groove Borderline.

Night or morning this CD is good company on the dancefloor and a house stereo.

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04 April 2006

Up The Kabrathors

The new compilation by Kabrathor records night-time offering has caught us by surprise. There is not so much happening here. Some promising talent but fairly poor productions with an evident lack of mastering. This area needs some attention.

Surely a lot of love and care has put into this but it somehow fails to hit the mark.

Shrek Gayzinho from Loko and Waxkiller from Hishiryo stand out. Other artists include Dejan, Electrypnose, Baphomet Engine, Shenz and the promising Jigshaw.
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