24 March 2007

More Mental Cruelty anyone?

According to the press release Mental Cruelty is a record label from Athens run by a female 'avantgarde person' that goes by the name Sofia X.

Intrigued by this bold statement we looked up the definition of 'avant garde'. It means unconventional or part of a highly innovative group in it's field. Having listened to this album we failed to spot anything 'unconventional' or ground breaking about this compilation.

Groups such as Claw, Phobos Azazel, Silent Horror, Kerberos, Cymazz, Babajelly, Narcosis, Jelly Horror, Merry Prankster, Psytour and 'avantgarde person' Sofia X are showcasing the darkest form of trance they can reach. Top of the pops here is Narcosis with their anthem Skata (it means shit in Greek).

There are enough sinister sounds, scary voices and dark samples but the compilation lacks both depth and production quality. More death metal than psytrance really.

Do you like your trance a little scary and devil-worshiping?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

devil worshiping has no place in trance, not sure what these guys are up to

not a great album anyway

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

14 years of psy-trance teached me not to be a music fascist. i love psychedelic sounds and this compilation is hell of a night compatible selection. not everything is my taste, but its a respectable style... such as acts like terminator and so on. i hate it when anyone analyses it and gives points from 10 to 1... this is subjective. i have nothing to do with this greeks... i don't like everything. but it has its moments.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We agree with you, however critic is not always music fascism. This blog generally concentrates on positive feedback for the artists.

Besides we are not criticizing only the music but also the theme under which this compilation is released.

Of course the ratings are subjective, however we are all coming from the scene with experience in music production, DJing and working hard for the music we love.

We therefore like to think that we can have a say.

Thanks for your comment.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"devil worshiping has no place in trance" was the quote that made me write that comment.
critics are always welcome... however i won't give points, but this is subjective too. ;)
i am glad that people take their time to write about music. don't be offended... you and me can have a say - being producers and DJs... whatever

thanks for your blog.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are very glad that you are taking the time to post your comments. This is greatly appreciated. The rating feature will be reviewed and if more readers are against it we will remove it.

As far as 'devil worshipping' goes I think that there are many outlets such as goth and heavy metal to express one's feelings.

As always this is all very subjective and we welcome all discussion.

Thank you for your kind words and for reading.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beside of that, i agree with most you said in your critic... i just prefer it without a rating. every upcoming scene has to grow. we all begun one day.

i don't think that we have to divide everything. other scenes can fertilize the styles. there are influences from many styles in psy: house, detroit techno, vocal stuff, guitars... and so on. i don't like everything but i let it flow!

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just come across this review, admittedly very belatedly.

While I agree with you that this compilation is very poor, my critique has to do with the terrible production and mastering of the tracks (many of which were not even 'final versions'), and the poor manufacturing by ZMA. What we have here is basically a CDR of half-finished tracks, from a new label run by a young woman completely unskilled and unknowledgeable in sound and music, and who demonstrated an absolute lack of any attention to musicality, production, and the creation of a story with this V/A.

But, returning to the comments and critique posted here :: "Devil Worshipping" is not what night trance is about; night psy (aka darkpsy, psystomp, etc) is dedicated to helping us exorcise the demons within us on the dancefloor, as community. It is an essential stage of the trance party cycle.

I often read comments like these from the full-on crowd - comments which show true ignorance regarding the evolution of trance music and parties, and the history of the trance connection to Shaivite philosophy. I grant you that many of the younger night artists often go overboard with their irony, humour, and absurd allusions to demons and devils, but i would caution any critic of nightpsy to be careful not to fall into the trap of misunderstanding the imagery and power of nighttime psytrance.

There is no morning without night; no light without dark.

(which means, incidentally :: praises to Shiva, the destroyer and rejuvenator of our universe)

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow i surprised with all these that i read !!!!
My name is sofia i am 29 years old and i m not a devil !!!!
I like this style of music and music is music

Mr anonymous you said : from a new label run by a young woman completely unskilled and unknowledgeable in sound and music, and who demonstrated an absolute lack of any attention to musicality, production, and the creation of a story with this V/A.

U know me? iu know what i do in my life and u answer like that ?

anyway have agreat time and always remember :MusicisMusic..respect;)


10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeahh men coooollll

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is no morning without night; no light without dark."

true, dark represents the devil.. the devil is the ignorance of the eternal truth.. "Om Tat Sat"

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt hear any devil worshipping in the album, i thought it was a sick album and will continue to follow the artists work. Well done Sofia (Y)
In my opinion, the so called "devil-worshipping" element that every one is referring to is about opening your mind and invisioning something you wouldnt comprehend in mainstream trance or confront in society.
Its not about fear, its about understanding something that cant harm you. Your mind and imagination is the tool and the music and style is your source. Everyone will perceive the music differently but i highly doubt people are listening to the music to be closer to the devil or demonic forces.
I dont actually believe in the devil, because (getting philosophical here..sorry) the devil or evil elements are brought on to each person by their own thoughts and the amount that they allow the 'force' to effect them.
Dark psy is about gathering and embarking on a journey of spiritual strength and imaginative forces in which cannot harm you but bring you closer to an understanding of them without the fear component or effect of reality.
If someone is under the influence of psychedelics and their imagination becomes their reality then obviously they are under a different impression of the music and the effect the style has on them.
But i really dont see the composer deliberately creating an effect on their audience that represents devil "worshipping" - keyword worshipping. But to bring the audience closer to an environment which could create a dark journey with excitement.
Its all about using your mind to control your reality (with or without drugs) and create an understanding of an element in life.
All music styles have imposed effects on the audience. For example, G-unit crib bopping homie g's listen to the lyrics and jargon and rhythm of the music and it creates an ideology of "tough" or "untouchable" or "mateship" or "pride". Not being a gangster myself and despising the music i dont really know what the genre is really working towards.. but you get my drift.
You rarely see a 11 year old girl listening to complete black death metal, and thinking about whatever the lyrics are saying and going on their own journey of the song instructed by the idea the artist is creating.

Dark psy and devil worshipping arent related. Dark psy and the creation of a dark journey one would not usually embark or confront in reality is.
Its a vision created by a mixture of unique sounds at a tempo most would not understand until you let it capture you and create your experience. Doesnt mean you go around drinking goat blood or drawing the pentagon into your chest. Purely just a road to a greater understanding of the minds boundaries.

Well done to all involved with this album.


6:05 AM  

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