07 January 2007

Psytrance Music 2006 - 2007

Psytrance reached an all-time-high in 2006 with more releases and parties than ever before. The music genres success was evident in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs in the world chart.
Infected Mushroom reached once more the highest position psychedelic trance ever witnessed since its humble beginnings at No12.
DJ Yahel followed at No28 with Astral Projection's Offer Nisim at No29!
Not very far Skazi appeared at No37 with Astrix on his tail at No41. And there is more:
Wrecked Machines entered in position 55 with legendary Simon 'Hallucinogen' Posford at 68.

It doesn't look long until the first psytrance DJ enters the top 10 and with such big wins for the music we love in 2006, what is going to happen in 2007?
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06 January 2007

Find a way with Wired Music

Wired Music presents 'Find a Way', a CD compiled by Brazilian star DJ Noronha. Apart from being very well received in Brazil DJ Noronha is also very well connected and presents an impressive list of names that make up his mix.

GMS are the protagonists here as expected. Dream Machine is a confirmation of the power from this Ibiza based outfit.
Wrecked Machines (currently voted 55th best DJ in the world by DJ Mag readers) follows second with the well structured Check In.
Find a Way is a progressive atmospheric affair and third favorite from Audio X vs DJ Noronha.
Orbital Vision have a nice addition with the full on stormer Searching Reality, not a real original but very solid dance track.
2HI also stand out with well produced Victimized and Life Style make their presence felt with Wall Sound.
DJ Mack is involved in two productions here, first in Back in Town with Wrecked Machines and the second time with outstanding trancer Vitamine A in collaboration with Earthling.

Pretty cool combination, what do you think?


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