21 May 2006

Earthdance celebration in 2006

Earthdance trance festival 2006Earthdance, the Global Dance and Music Festival for Peace celebrates 10 years of global unity through music and dance this year in over 48 participating countries all over the world.
This year's event will be on September 16th synchronising global efforts to 'give peace a dance'.
Particularly important for all those corners of the world where fighting and war keep people apart.

The objective is to create as many Earthdance events around the world as possible. From public stadium concerts to private living room gatherings, there are no conditions on how big or small an event has to be. The spirit of Earthdance is participation on whatever level possible.

In the spirit of "Think Global, Act Local," each local promoter must donate at least 50% of their profits to a local charity related to one of the following categories:Earthdance festival logo

  • The Welfare of Children & Urban Youth
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • International Relief and Development;
  • Environmental Sustainability & Protection
  • Organizations that help Promote Peace

Below are some of the participating countries for 2006:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Ghana, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey, Venezuela, USA.

So whatever you do on 16th of September this year "Give Peace a Dance"!
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16 May 2006

Psytrance Alchemists

Elsewhere - alchemy recordsThere have been so many compilations and artist albums released this month. So much repetition that makes your ears hurt. So it was really nice to get in Elsewhere the latest comp by Alchemy records.

DJ Simo has made some great choices here and although not all tracks are equally good this is a nice release altogether.

Double Impact make a great impression with the promising psy-flick K-5000. Elektro Wave from M-Klome and Follow This from newcomers Dejavoo are of equal standards.

Some very good tracks from Intelabeam vs PTX, Freakulizer and Star-X but the psy monster here is titled Master Plan by newborn project Tactic Mind vs Rizo of Dark Soho fame.

Other artists include Orion and Broken Toy.

A great effort with a psy-alien flavour, good for the dancefloor or a dark night/clear sky trip to the universe.

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14 May 2006

Painting the psytrance canvas

Surfing the web and finding quality sites is not often so easy. There is one person though that everything she touches becomes psytrance gold. Having worked with all the major promoters in trance in Australia she is behind almost every amazing picture from the Aussie summer festivals and more.

Recently she has revamped one of her personal sites and one of the logest running in the scene, Ozdoof.com. Yes, you guessed right, the talk is about self proclaimed Dooferologist Webgrrl, web designer, photographer and psytrance art-ist. She has been beautifying the trance scene with her inspired pictures, 'connecting people' as she says.

Thanks for the photo-scenic experiences Webgrrl.
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11 May 2006

Wrecked Machines Wreck the Chords

This might not be news for all of you but we just bought the new Spun records compilation Wreck Chords from Dj Gabe aka Gabriel Serrasqueiro from Brazil. Gabriel apart from being one of the hottest talents in the psytrance scene is also a very cool and down to earth guy. We met him some years back in party town Sao Paolo just before he started touring the world taking audiences by suprise with his no-nonsense approach to music and life.

His music is still full of passion and as fresh as ever, but in the CD he seems to have outdone himself once again. Not only because he has teamed up with some of the world's greatest psychedelic trance artists, making some great music along the way. Every track is carefully selected punching you in the stomach like a fist, leaving you breathless and making you trance.

Gabe is all about rhythm. Even when he was crafting his first tracks with a pair of small Bose speakers in his room in Sao Paolo he could produce an unbeatable rhythm that always bears a psytechno-trance edge to it. You can hear Gabriel's rhythm throughout this compilation, pounding away like a heartbeat.

From the techno beating Face It with Pixel, the phenomenal My House and Beckers Switch rmx by Growling Machines (collaboration of the year) to the powerful Simulated rmx on Domestic this album is full of energy.

There are too many great tracks to mention them all, but Headhunter produced by Wizzy Noise, Joti and Paul Taylor and the GMS rmx of the classic Hallucinogen's Gama Goblins are the biggest suprises.
Hey, we might be biased though, so go and try this yourself.


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(Thank you for the hospitality Gabe and Pavlos says hi)
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