08 December 2005

Nano records radio showcase

As the New Wave crew prepare for their jaunt to Brazil for New Years Eve (Universo Paralello here we come!) we have one last show for 2005 and following an excellent show from Alchemy Records featuring Shane Gobi and a special live performance from Rinkadink (if you missed it, check the archives!) We welcome Nano Records into the studio for tea and scones to round off what has been a fantastic first six months of New Wave Radio!

Nano Records is a member of a small yet, consistently fine group of labels. Started in 2002 and with 12 releases under its belt the label is also behind the UK’s leading psy trance festival the Glade Festival as well as the Origin Festival in South Africa. Nano Artists include Protoculture, The Commercial Hippies, Hydrophonic, Jumanji, Aphid Moon, Headroom Allaby and AMD and with offices in both South Africa and the UK the label has its ear to the ground in both hemispheres

In the studio we welcome Ans, co owner of the label and one of the busiest movers and shakers on the scene. Having produced numerous tracks under various guises, Ans is also one of the key driving forces behind the Glade Festival in the UK, with a new album planned for 2006, Ans will be showcasing his world famous DJ skills live in the studio!

Joining Ans will be new label signing Allaby who’ll be showcasing his uniquely fresh and energetic sounds live in the studio and if that wasn’t enough, we have the pleasure of welcoming AMD aka Dick Trevor and Aphid Moon into the studio to perform live. Dick is perhaps one of the most prolific producers in the UK, being one of the key members of the Green Nuns Of The Revolution as well as Jumanji (alongside Eskimo) Trickster (alongside Tristan) and Green Oms This is Dick’s latest project alongside Jules ‘Aphid Moon’, expect a debut album in 2006!

2006 is already starting to shape up nicely for New Wave Radio, with a ‘Soulclipse Special’ scheduled in for our February show featuring guest mixes from artists performing at the solar eclipse festival takintg place in Turkey in March 2006 including Sally Doolally, DJ Penn, Edoardo, Hydrophonic and many more alongside a Liquid Records in March featuring amongst others Liquid Ross!

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