30 November 2005

Trance Area 51

Planet B.E.N. records presents its latest compilation Area 51.

Melodicly shifting psy sounds melt into pumping dance beats guiding the crowd on the dance floor deep into the most positive feelings - into trance. The sound of this unique collection is reflecting different shades of psychedelic progressive trance, ranging from Liquid Soul playing with a little pop appeal in their sounds up to an intense trippy trance hymn done by Sonus - showing again what a great musician he is.
While N.O.K., aka Planet B.E.N. Records label DJ Alex from Hamburg, creates excitement by shaping a progressive tune in a typical full on track's structure. Symphonix demonstrate their feeling for melodic groove that gets their live act more and more attention these days. There are famous artists involved such as Sangeet (aka Defolder) and Mapusa Mapusa (Fusi Johnson with Fabio) and there also are promising new projects such as Ski Fi, side project of Xibalba, Suntree or FM.

Well worth a listen.
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