23 November 2005

DJ Yahel Super Set

DJ YahelPhonokol records in collaboration with FTP is back with a mix CD by DJ Yahel, who entered the DJ Mag's worldwide poll for the top 100 DJ's earlier this month.

This CD contains brand some brand new hits done by Yahel alongside remixes made by other top trance artists to classic hits from past albums and remixes from Yahel to other leading trance acts.
12 tracks, all of them previously unreleased, mixed in a unique way by the shaman of Israeli psychedelic trance music - Yahel Sherman, the ambassador of psytrance from Israel - who in this mixed CD re-creates the magic of his live sets!

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About DJ Yahel

Mix in action - DJ Yahel

Yahel Sherman aka DJ Yahel is one of Israel's most popular trance DJs and producers. His unique blend of progressive elements and psychedelic trance revolutionized the sound of psytrance since his most significant release Waves of Sound in 2000. He has had 7 major personal releases and over 10 singles to date (mainly on Phonokol and HOMmega).
Yahel is currently touring the world, playing in major trance events and showcasing his production and DJ talents.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahel deserves his place in the top 100 djs in the world. He is a very good dj and a great musician.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahel Sherman Aka DJ Yahel
// I Salut Yahel for the significant tracks he offered to EDM Society . Super Set reformed the meanings of Phonokol music , remolded the effects of Psytrance.

Inta Omri for Om Kolthoum remixed by Yahel deserves to be the Number One Track in Super Set .

Though im More into his legendary track For The People :)

For The People He Produced .
For The People He Created .

Thumbs Up :) .//

Ram aka Logic Foundation .

Contact : viper_lb@hotmail.com

1:38 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Yahel rocks.... DJ blend to the max.... hail Yahel.... regards DJ Liquid Noise

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love u so much,you r the best in the world,if any one does't believe that,i think he/she can't undrestand your lovely and progressive music.all of your albums except the Xport was very nice.

9:48 PM  

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