10 November 2011

Magus - The Music That Never Was

After a long wait, the first Magus album 'The Music That Never Was' is out now.  This is a compilation of unreleased material from the Magus era.

The tracks are covering a wide range of the Greek band's music stages. Their unique style and sound is expressed across the compilation. From the early and raw 'Tura Buna Ce' and 'Liquid Mint' to the complex and industrial 'Something for Nothing'. Their weird style cemented by the dark-funk 'Nature in the Machine', made entirely with natural sounds, a milestone for the band's psychedelic exploration and non-conformist music approach.

This is as much as 'full on' psychedelia you can get, but in an entirely different sense that many people would perceive it as. The psychedelic element is constant, from the off-beat percussions to the passing sound effects, an orchestrated chaos. Playing on emotions and aimed at total disorientation, trance in strong doses.

It might take a couple of times of listening to get used to tracks like the dry metalic 'Huspetakel' which signalled the progress and perhaps simplification of the Magus music arrangements in the late stages of their relatively short career.

So if you are into ever-changing beats, strange melodies and mind boggling sounds, then this might be the right album for you.

You can preview 'The Music That Never Was' on iTunes.
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