04 February 2011

Blue Hour Sounds will B Right On

In what is a remarkable start for 2011, UK based Blue Hour Sounds have released domestic talent compilation B-Right-On to firestart the new year with their slick psytrance productions.

This CD is compiled by Freak Bazaar, a collective of producers & DJs that have been promoting trance parties in Brighton and the surrounding areas since 2005.

On the music front, Slackbaba introduce things nicely with the break beat We have the Technology. Tantrix cut to the chase with New Spaces, a crisp and positive dancefloor number. Sonic Species make things heavier with the sweeping (GMS-like) Machina Terra. Mood Deluxe deliver Proper Caution, which is another bright example of this new psytrance blend.

Ginetik present Where is the Magic. Neuroplasm follow with Bewilderbeast. Simiantics appear with the distastefully named Diabolus in musica. EVP contribute Harmonious Design. Antispin conclude with Lost Senses Discovered.
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