22 January 2011

EARTH Psytrance Festival in Mexico

Mexico has long been a hot spot for psychedelic trance in the worldwide scene. Testament to that, the country is hosting one of it's largest open-air festivals between 14-17 April 2011. Earth Festival 2011 takes place in Vulcano La Malintzi, Tlaxcala, Mexico.

The 3 day outdoor festival features more than 45 international artists, amongst them some of the biggest bands in the history of psytrance music. To name only a few..., Astral Projection, Growling Mad Scientists, Space Tribe, Bamboo Forest, Blue Planet Corporation, Chakra, Cosmosis, California Sunshine, Aphid Moon, Electric Universe, Green Nuns of the Revolution, OOOD, MFG, Shakta, Slinky Wizard, Star Sound Orchestra and Zen Lemonade.The list of trance DJs is equally long and impressive.

Cheaper pre-sale tickets will be available until January 31, 2011 so you might want to hurry. Don't miss out, this one will be a blast from the past to remember. See you in Mexico in April amigos.
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