20 December 2010

Syncronize back with Kazem

Following the release of two successful compilations Syncronize Records disappeared from the psytrance radar for 3 years. They are back with Kazem, a blend of weird and wonderful psychedelic music.  The compilation celebrates the life of a label partner who lost his fight with cancer earlier in the year.

The comp kicks off slowly with a hypnotic downbeat track by Ajja & Dymons, named Space Jester. Zimon then get's things into a faster groove with Moonstomp that has some funny drunk-man sounding samples. Yab Yum & Apex turn on the psychedelia with a seriously bleepy encounter, Voodoo Logic. Genepool follows with an indiferent track, but Ajja, this time alone, lifts the spirits with the correctly structured and delivered Believer. Possibly best track.

Ianuaria keep the pace and production levels strong with Mosquito Ride, whilst Gaspard & Ajja deliver Scraddledeep, a track based on some half-human, half-chicken noises that sound like a vocoder gone mental. With a deeper and darker twist Adrenokrohm change the mood with Dhom on Datha, which I sincerely hope it is not a pornographic reference. Synthetic Ethnic by Yab Yum has some nice surprises with fresh sounds of an Eastern music instrument and outstanding melody. Flooting Grooves finish off in peaceful style with the downbeat Safari Groove.

Whilst not the best comp this year, this is well-worth a listen.
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