02 December 2010

Clocktail Organic Relativity

Ukraine does not have a long tradition of psytrance music production but Clocktail Records wants to change that with a limited edition of 400 CD copies. It has brought us 'The Organic Relativity' compilation featuring a list of local and foreign talent.

Whilst this is a good effort, most tracks fail to really stand out with productions also sounding not so crisp. However there are nice dark sweeping melodies and the mood is deeply psychedelic showing how Clocktail is developing a style to mark it's releases.

Artists featured include Random, Viral, Distorted Goblin, Aodioiboa, Stereographic, Primordial Ooze, Mind Distortion System, Sattwa, Whirikk & Krazy Kris, Metamorphose and Xabbu who has probably the best track in 'Stroggyfying'.
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Blogger burkin said...

I think that the aim was to create "not so crisp" sound. For me sound is deep n psychedelic.

Fav songs: 1, 9(!), 10.

All songs are great but I'm not sure it's good music for standard dance floor.

2:15 PM  

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