08 December 2010

The Blacklight is On

A small surprise as we edge 2011. Always looking into the future, Blacklight Records has released On, a crossover compilation featuring a fusion of progressive and psychedelic trance.

Blacklight open the curtains with two progressive tracks. Rocky presents the melodic Naked Eyes, whilst Flegma & Zyce deliver Fall Back in style.

After that, the comp takes a harder psychedelic approach, starting with Crossing Reality from Nukleall and building up to the political Mysteries of the Governments by Barkode. The most powerful psychedelic delivery comes from a collaboration between Nukleall and Purple Raver with the name Rack Riders and the track Constant Flux. It finishes with a softer attempt Connect to the Source by Solar Spectrum. Other artists include Dickster & Hopi, Ital and Ilai.

Does fusion has a place in psytrance for you?
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