27 March 2009

Psychedelic art at it's finest

Prepare to enter into a strange world of the unknown. Travel through spaces and images that captivate the imagination and curiosity of the psychedelic mind.

Enjoy this with your favorite piece of psytrance music. Turn of the light and lose your self in the sound and the feelings within:

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06 March 2009

Cryonics for trance music making

The best tools for trance music producers are their equipment. Better than a normal PC is a custom built PC which will fulfill all your needs. Cryo will create a custom desktop for music professionals. You can have a performance computer and also selective upgrades where you can upgrade any component, test new components or swap old ones.

Your PC will be fit for music making and there is flexibility over what will go inside your desktop computer: if you prefer a certain sound card to support those demanding trance tracks, for example, you can discuss with Cryo team and have things your way but also get advice and recommendations.

With some of the best computers you can get the CryoBoost technology - a combination of design, optimisation, cooling and more to help you get performance with your PC. For music makers, Cryo recommends its model Extreme or above, with any Quad Core processor, enough memory to keep up with your creativity (4GB+), storage RAID0 for performance, or RAID5 for reliability, 1TB and above. A must have will be the sound card with a strong chipset, hi definition for low noise audio and also one with digital and analogue output options. You can select any component you would like to customize your desktop computer. For instance, for your sound card you can choose from Creative Xi-Fi Titanium to Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 or Asus Xonar Essence Sound which has the lowest noise and highest resolution.
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