07 December 2007

Fineplay Japan - The Beach 2007

Party organisers Fineplay have released a very serious compilation in the name of 'The Beach 2007". I know what you are thinking. No, this is not a sequel to the puppy face Leo Di Caprio movie based in Thailand.

With Space Cat, Absolum and Pixel flagship tracks this is a heavy weight comp, no questions asked.
Does it deliver though?

Good vibes pour from the CD as soon as the opening track 'Power Supply' from Intersys vs Optical Vision kicks in. A powerful high energy vocal infused tune that works.

Space Cat have a strong presence with Life Guard and appear again with Pixel on Speedy Tours (this time remixed by Gataka vs Perplex).

Balck and White deliver but Beat Hackers lose the point. Absolum vs Concept throw you into 'The Dark Edge'. This might be fun in the night, but on a beach?

Out of Your Love is another great track bringing this compilation back to it's beach trance feel, high energy songs to lift you off the sand. Bizarre Contact, Phanatic and Electro Sun collaborating.

Seems thought that Dynamic steals the show with ending mega trancer 'Time to Get Serious'. He means business.

Is it not great to great to listen to these incredible tunes on a beach for a few days?

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