24 June 2007

Astrix Future Music on Spiral Trax

Spiral Trax - Future MusicSpiral Trax is celebrating a re-launch after one years of silence on the psytrance scene. And what a better comeback than having top Israeli psytrance act and DJ Astrix on its books for the Future Music EP.

In classic Astrix style Future Music kicks off strong and the progressiveAstrix - Future Music beat blending with the psychedelic sounds marching forward.
Just in Time is a slower affair that builds up slowly for those morning hours.
Things are starting to get really interesting here when Brasilian virtuoso Wrecked Machines takes on Poison by Astrix. Explosive trance with a classic fat 'Nord Lead' sound and perhaps one of the hardest written by the artist.

The second surprise no other than psytrance leads GMS remixing Techno Widows by Astrix. GMS here give the track a good re-work with matching break downs and a squeaky acid drive all along.

Is this EP a mismatch or do you get the best of two styles of psytrance?


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05 June 2007

No Mans Land Festival Hungary 2007

This year the No Man's Land Festival takes place on June 20-24, 2007 near Lake Laskovolgyi in small place called Egerszalok in Hungary.

The line up is impressive and there are live sets from Son Kite, Pixel, Element, Human Blue, Reefer Decree, Antix, Vibrasphere, Minilogue, Magnetrixx, Human Traffic, Cosmo, Shuma and True To Nature.

This is just the beginning though if you start adding the DJs such as James Monro, Mapusa Mapusa, Shane Gobi, Pena, Marcus vs Seb, Kristian, Edoardo, Stratos, Yoni, Doc, Oliver and Oleg.

If going away from the elbows, the lager louts and the wristbands of the commercial festival scene then think No Man’s Land in Hungary this month. The summer festival takes place during five days and six nights at the end of June. There are going to be three stages with over 90 acts booked to play. Mainly psytrance, progressive, electro, tech-house, ambient and chill-out with many star acts. There is more than the music though and the big names. The countryside location with the picturesque nearby Lake Laskovolgyi and Hungary's famous hot spring baths. There will also be markets, massages and widespread camping so go early to reserve a good space.

The music programme coexists with an international jugglers festival. Some of the worlds top jugglers will perform on stage while you can learn and participate in workshops with juggling experts. So don't repeat it at home! - No Man's Land

Are you going to any festivals this summer?
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