30 August 2006

BOOM Panoramic Festival 2006

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BOOM psytrance festival 2006

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11 August 2006

Glowing Flame records Imaginerity

Finding something to review can be a painful process. Often you have to shift through tons of uninteresting music.
Its always worth the wait though when you find something refreshing. The new sound.

Glowing Flame records delivers Imaginerity, a new trance music proposition with promising artists. Lots of new faces and new names with solid productions and a deep psychedelic feel.

Kluster Come On with a deep minimal psychedelic affair filled with acid sounds and a bass atmosphere.
Humbug are Still With It in another stripped down psychedelic track.
Alter Conscious face the Mountain with some cheerful morning leads plus a solid bass and percussion.
Suddenly though Imaginary Sight are Changing the sound of this compilation. A deep melodic trance anthem with sinister twists and sound FX. The hypnotising melody fixates your head in a tribal rhythm. The best track here.
Next Yudhisthira get into darker waters with the squeeky Gunesvara.
Trold are Playing with Fire in another psytrance classic. The deep meaningful melody rotates in unknown space in a sound driven trance spiral.
Imaginary Sight pay a tribute to Shiva with their second track introducing a darker sound with retro undertones.
Trold get another chance to showcase their talent, this time with Mist In The Maze. Follows similarly the steps of the previous track.
Last but not least Braincells exit this compilation with a powerful dark dancefloor driver titled Spheres.

The old Flame meets the new Glow.

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08 August 2006

To record labels and artists

If you would like your release, pre-release or demo reviewed here, drop us an email and send us your CD.
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05 August 2006

Wrecked Machines website launch

Brasilian psytrance DJ and producer Gabe from Wrecked Machines has launched a new coolWrecked Machines logo personal website. It features news, events, an artist profile, releases and lots of fun downloads.
The best part of the website is the music that blasts away in the background featuring some of Gabe's greatest hits.

Give it a visit.


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