28 October 2005

Far East Psytrance League 2005

Another exciting super compilation from DJ Tsuyoshi and his very own psy-trance label!

Following right after the release of the powerful compilation 'Psytrance Wizard is Back', he embarks on collecting the most influential Japanese artists and making an explosive compilation.

Firing up the dancefloors and outdoor events all over Japan, Sine 6, Ibis, Mitsumoto, Theoreme, Slam, Funky Gong, Elegraffiti and of course DJ Tsuyoshi shouldn't be long until they start doing the same all over the world.

Coming out soon!
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21 October 2005

1200 Mics live in Moscow

More here


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Digital psionic tales

Luke Psywalker has prepared a nice surprise straight from his beautiful Byron Bay jungle palace. You can expect to find some big guns here such as CPU vs Skazi delivering a manic psychedelic trance stormer called Highest Party. Flipic Bounce, Kluster, Frequency Deluxe, Rasta Aliens, Bon, Xatrik, Damage and Dark Nebula are amongst the other acts on this CD.
The track that really stands out though is an Australian collaboration from Space Tribe vs Psywalker. Quirky and mature sound from Australia's Goa trance maestros.
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17 October 2005

Tokyo Trance Mania

While you are waiting to be Infected check out the new compilation by Tokyo X-Ray Studios. The line up for this CD is hard to beat.

X-Mode Trance Force presents Dado and Dino Psaras, Mindfield vs Cosmosis, Beat Hackers, GMS, Absolum, Eskimo, Talamasca and CPU in a classic psytrance stormer, taking the clubs around the world by surprise this autumn.

Guard you ears!
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New Infected Mushroom album

You can now read the latest review of the 2009 release Legend Of The Black Shawarma.

2005 Post below:

The new long awaited album by Infected Mushroom is still not out. For all of you waiting, the release date sources tell me has been postponed for unknown reasons.

Stay calm, drink your tea (or chai) and relax, the album of 2005 is short due.


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Astral Projection Psytrance Galaxy

Com.pact records hits back with Back to Galaxy a CD compiled by the most well known act in psytrance, Astral Projection.
As you would expect from such a release, big names are heavily featured. Wizzy Noise, Space Cat vs Onyx, Xerox, Visual Contact, U-Recken, Electro Sun, Ferby Boys, Cosmictone and others contibute to a powerful psytrance release.

If you like it Astral, this is for you.
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15 October 2005

Russian madness

more pics here and here


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The strange word trancefiguration better describes this compilation from Devil's Mind records. With the opening track Murderer's suicide wish by Atrotious Berserker you get a feeling of what this is all about, or do you?

If you have been listening to thrash metal then all of this will sound familiar: Baphomet, Metalaxis, Silent Horor, Claw, Silent Scream...

Favourite track is Empty head, crying spirit. It describes it all.

A few people like this new hybrid of death trance, not my cup of tea.
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MInd Bending Urban Awakening

If you like your psytrance dark and hard then check out Urban Awakening by Ritter records. The compilation features all the mega-trancers of the dark-side.

Wizzy Noise battle it out with the psy monster Mind Bending and Tim Schouldt with the fat Strike. Great tracks from Dark Soho and Xenomorph follow. Other contributors include THD, Star X, Mino, D-Tek and 4CN.

Epic dark psytrance at its best.
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11 October 2005

Mushroom Infected London

The UK is buzzing as ES collective and Antiworld announce the two final dates of the Infected Mushroom tour in Bristol and London.

November Rain! Infecting the UK - don't miss it

Saturday 26 November 2005
@ The Coronet - 28 New Kent Road
Elephant & Castle - London - SE1 6TJ – UK
9pm till 8am

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08 October 2005

Calibrate your Dragonfly

Youth presents his latest compilation 'Calibrate your intuition' on Dragonfly records. This is not a usual release. Youth returns to dance music after a series of downbeat albums and he does it in his unique experienced style.
Calibrate your Intuition is a retrospective look into trance over the years flowing with memories of an era of innocence and fresh energy.
The release kicks off with a track from Elastic Line Soul Machine and continues with an amazing monster epic from Stargazer titled 'Listen to light' (Hydra, Cygnas, Galicia mix). Watch out for this one, its going to lead many sunrises around the globe.
Next follows a series of interesting tracks from Youth and friends such as Abakus and Soundmaker, with only one boring exception from infamous Pogo.

All in all this is a quality release that will bring back warm feelings from 1996 to the experienced psytrance crowd and a feel of what it should be all about to the new listeners out there.
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03 October 2005

Analog Pussy for President

Analog Pussy have launched a new drive whereby they are encouraging their fans to vote for them in the forthcoming DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ list.
If they are successful in their stunt it is entirely up to you.

You can check out the Analog Pussy appeal here.

To vote your favourite DJ's in the competition click here.
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01 October 2005

TIP World Saves the Robot

TIP releases always come out with a bang and this latest album collaboration between Alien Project and Quadra is no exception. The feel of this psytrance artifact ranges from anthemic to hard trance with some progressive trance fade in's and out's. Do not be mistaken though, this is pure psychedelic trance with some fresh undertones from two of the scene's greatest powerhouses. Both artists influence the sound equally and produce a masterpiece that will satisfy everyone. 'Robot on Drugs', 'Electro Chemical' and 'High Voltage' clearly stand out.
Trust this tip, this is TIP at its best.
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Planet B.E.N. in psytrance festival

Psytrance familiar Planet B.E.N. is to appear in a mini psytrance festival organised by Beat Head records on the 1st and 2nd of October in Kiel.
Alongside Planet B.E.N. there are appearances from FM (live), Magical, Fabio, Burner, L-Jot, Audionic and many others in 12 hours of non-stop psychedelic trance.

More info here. (in German)
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Sigma go 360 degrees

Sigma records released their second installment of 360 degrees x Sigma Globe compilation featuring some of the hottest psytrance acts in the scene. The tracklisting speaks for itself with 'Wild Wild Space' from GMS standing out.

1. TRINTIX - Travel for DMT

2. G.M.S - Wild wild space

3. ESKIMO - Don't be shay

4. TRINTIX - Lets dui (Vik rmx)

5. ALIEN PROJECT - Solarus

6. STAR-X - Magic moon

7. ELECTRO NATION - The trance brothers

8. DYNAMO - Spun dry (Dynamo rmx)

9. GUNDAM - The Zodiax

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