27 May 2011

Solar Tech experience Solar Waves 2

DJ Natron introduces the second part of the Solar Waves compilation with 9 previously unreleased psytrance tracks. Solar Tech records continues to support the psychedelic trance underground scene with an album combining established and new artists.

From the opening How to Psy Trance to the closing Master Kush, both from Waio, the tracks all nurture great productions, flowing psychedelic patterns, running baselines and solid rhythms suited for the night time dancefloor.
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20 May 2011

Psytrance video: Etnica - Trip Tonite

The track, part of the Blue Room records Alien Protein album, ignited a global religion in 1996 from the Italian Etnica. The milestone of all goa trance in 9 minutes, Trip Tonite. The mesmerizing melodies born by the quarter of Lafranconi, Begotti, Paterno and Rizzo made an everlasting impression to the minds of trancers globally. The mystical but so calm sounds gave birth to a new form of spiritual psychedelic trance that we still cherish.

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13 May 2011

2009 Pisces watching Geomagnetic TV

DJ Michael Liu, founder of Illumination Records, leads the USA-based San Francisco trance producers to Pisces 2009, a compilation of craft and creative sounds.

The music compilation is based on the legendary Pisces Gatherings in San Francisco, California, whilst the cover is supplied by Chris Olerich from Santa Barbara.

Beware, this is no ordinary psytrance compilation but rather a blend of sounds across the musical spectrum of the San Fran underground scene.
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07 May 2011

Psytrance video: Total Eclipse - Can't do that

Another journey of what music used to be. The immortal Total Eclipse in one of their most classic masterpieces. Enjoy.

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