10 October 2007

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Dear all,

Due to increasing amounts of irrelevant comments that promote artists, albums, parties or anything else we are posting a set of guidelines. If you adhere to these terms your comment is going to be on the site for everyone to see. Failure to do so will have your comment deleted.
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If you repeatedly SPAM this site with the same stuff, be sure that you will be named and shamed here.

This is not a money-grabbing blog. We support our hobby with a few ads but no more.

Many thanks to all of you that post comments, love the music and support us by reading.

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08 October 2007

The Art of Mindfucking from Cujorious One

Headstick records and Cujorious One have teamed up to deliver a dark, techy and mind controlling album. The Art of Mindfucking is the Danish artist's latest offering.

Cujorious has been around for some time but his sound had a more minimal approach. This album is bringing him closer to the psytrance sound of 2007. He manages to make his mark with tracks that are beyond his previous work.

In the Art of Mindfucking he takes us deep to his darkest secrets. The sounds are aggressive, with chainsaws ripping through. He dresses his backgrounds with chaotic melodies (some close to the familiar Tim Schuldt sound).

The beats and bass are well bound together with variations making the tracks strong and dancefloor orientated.

Speak To Me With A Friendly Beam, Depressed Mode and We Turn Our Faces Dirty are some of the best moments here.

Too dark? What do you think?


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