31 March 2007

Vicious Delicious Infected Mushroom

Infected Mushroom - Vicious DeliciousThe brand new studio album by Infected Mushroom 'Vicious Delicious' is out now. It has been two years since their last full psytrance artist work.

In Vicious Delicious Infected Mushroom push the envelope one step further. There is a unique blend of psy trance vibes combined with new cutting edge sequencing and the Israeli duo's signature production.

The music is a fusion of psytrance, funk, grooves and memorable samples and melodies. There is something in there for everyone. Don't be surprised to hear a collection of different approaches combining Thrash Metal riffs, Flamenco guitars and Hip Hop elements.

From the first track You Are Becoming Insane. Atmospheric sounds, clever bleeps and a dry sound that makes you stick to the dancefloor like a superglue accident.

Artilery takes centre stage as a leading innovating track with heavy hip-hop undertones, deep vocals and instrumental sounds. It is the first time as far as we know that a psy trance act is attempting this and whether you like hip-hop or not, you will like this one.

The title track Vicious Delicious is more of what you would expect from Infected Mushroom. Strong beats and melodies attack the ears, persistent sounds and chopped samples merge to form another hit in all the dancefloors near you.

Infected get Heavy Weight with the next track. A slower affair of folk sounding melodies combined with heavy guitars and a theatrical backdrop.

You might already have heard Suliman which is one of the most powerful tracks. Infected Mushroom are adding a touch of magic to produce yet another psy trance anthem that will stick in your head like a sore thumb.

Forgive Me (for leaving you alone/not staying anymore) seems like a sarcastic cry to all the traditional psychedelic trance fans. Its more U2 vs Fatboy slim then a goa outfit in Israel.

Playfully the music now returns to a Special Place, the core of the known Infected sound for all the loyalists.

(Why can't I see what's) In Front Of Me brings the Mushrooms back to their heavy metal side. The vocals on top give the track a euphoric feeling as a curtain to the moody lyrics.

According to Infected you need to Eat It Raw. The dry Benny Bennasi style beat is dressed with some progressive sounds and grows on you like a tree in the spring.

Things get more serious when you Change The Formality and again there is something here to lose your head to. The 'live' instruments add a notion of tranquility in the middle of psytrance mayhem.

The album concludes with Before. A strange U-turn to the anthemic side of Infected Mushroom and a great way to finish another monumental artpiece in psychedelic trance.

Needless to say that expectations of this album were very high. Do the trance maestros still got it?


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24 March 2007

More Mental Cruelty anyone?

According to the press release Mental Cruelty is a record label from Athens run by a female 'avantgarde person' that goes by the name Sofia X.

Intrigued by this bold statement we looked up the definition of 'avant garde'. It means unconventional or part of a highly innovative group in it's field. Having listened to this album we failed to spot anything 'unconventional' or ground breaking about this compilation.

Groups such as Claw, Phobos Azazel, Silent Horror, Kerberos, Cymazz, Babajelly, Narcosis, Jelly Horror, Merry Prankster, Psytour and 'avantgarde person' Sofia X are showcasing the darkest form of trance they can reach. Top of the pops here is Narcosis with their anthem Skata (it means shit in Greek).

There are enough sinister sounds, scary voices and dark samples but the compilation lacks both depth and production quality. More death metal than psytrance really.

Do you like your trance a little scary and devil-worshiping?

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17 March 2007

The Synergy Project challenge Kundalini in London

The Synergy Project in collaboration with Kundalini present a psy trance fest in London on the 30th of March.

The collective indoor festival that combines a mix of musicians, DJs, VJs and other artists has invited Kundalini, which in turn will present a line-up of well known psytrance artists.

There are live sets from Man Made Man and Telepathic whilst Dick Trevor (Green Nuns of the Revolution, Nano rec) and Andy Mason will be handling the main DJ slots. Titin Moraga, Hamish and Steve Kundalini are supporting this impressive gathering of artists.

One the chill-out side there are a series of live sets from the likes of Mirror System (aka System 7), I Awake, Krister Linder, Phuturiprimitive and Raychel Stone.

Would you go or should you go?


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11 March 2007

Yoyo releases Cyberdog 4 Psy-Fi Systems

Yoyo records Cyberdog 4Yoyo Records releases another monumental compilation in the fourth run of the series Cyberdog. Psy-Fi Systems is mixed by Oforia and offers plenty of new hits from the top psy trance stables of the world's psychedelic scene.

The compilation kicks off with lots of energy with Homeless Fatali. But the vinyl goes on fire with anthemic and very vocal Inner Bright from Timelock. This is one to remember.

Infected Mushroom don't dissapoint with their remix of Merlin but next Basic take the sound to a higher dimension with the turbo ignited Virtual Space. The Freak Show make a 360 degree return to the classic sound of the 303, frankly not very interesting. Luckily the vibe recovers from the classic Return of the Machines, a collaboration between Oforia and BWicked.

Atomic Pulse vs Syrus the Virus are doing a good job with lifting the tempo with their Unreal track. There is a strong dose of retro trance here but dressed well in powerful melodies - Chakra and Edi Mis style. You can Feel the Vibration by Future Prophecy, that continue in similar style. Echotek are here too and they have a new aggressive dancefloor winner titled Strike Twice. Last but not least the maestros themselves are contributing The Prophecy. The talk is about Astral Projection that finish this compilation with an edge.

Overall this is quality melodic psy trance with very few weak moments.
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